The Hunt

The Hounds of Heartside pt 2

Last Time on The Hunt

Father Andrews voice over: “Last time on the hunt”

[Interior of the Elston-Richards hangar]

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” Jordan shouts as he paces around the hanger. “I lost my gun on the freeway! They’re going to trace it right back to me! Fuck!”
Frank gets up from being injected with a dose of werewolf blood. “Calm the fuck down Jordan. You need to man up and deal with this shit like a fucking adult.”
“Calm down Frank. I would be freaking out too,” Gwen says calmly.
“Shut the fuck up Gwen no one asked you!” Frank shouts, his face turning bright red. He turns and storms out the door.
“Thats a side effect of too much werewolf blood,” the doctor explains. “It makes you overly aggressive. We try and limit the dosage for that reason.”

[Gwen’s voice over during an exterior shot of St. Bartholomew’s]

“We need to get our hands on some blessed weapons. V says he knows a guy that will help us out. He’s a preist down at St. Bartholomew’s downtown.”

[Inside Father Andrew’s office]

“Ahh yes V. He and I have collaborated on some projects in the past. I’d be happy to bless some weapons for you,” Father Andrews says with a smile.
“What do you want in exchange?” Frank asks suspiciously.

[Shot of the abandoned warehouse]

[Fight scene montage]

Jordan uses his vision to spot and call out the locations of the Barhgests as the rest of the cell blasts away at them.

As the team makes it inside of the warehouse, they see a single room with its light on. Inside the old converted supervisors office is a fully equipped nursery and a very happy baby sitting in a crib. The team takes the baby and escapes dropping Jordan off at the Varnum building and Frank and the baby off at the safehouse while Gwen goes for baby supplies.
When Gwen returns she finds the door broken open and Frank lying on the floor with cuts and bruises. “The baby,” he moans. “The vampires took the baby.”

Father Andrews’ voice over: “And now the Hunt continues.”


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