Mallory came to Mark Jeffreys for help with her “missing town”. Mark, being young and finding Mallory very attractive, begged his father, Larry, to help. Larry didn’t have time to deal with the situation so he approached the Team.

After convincing the Team that she wasn’t crazy, Mallory accompanied the team on an excursion to White Cloud to investigate her city that truly had fallen off the digital map and had become infected with a supernatural mold.

Through a case of mistaken identity, the source of the supernatural mold, Elizabeth Hadwell, was able to find, infect, and escape with Mallory. The Team was able to catch up to Elizabeth and save Mallory. However, Mallory was taken away by an elite Elston-Richards extraction team led by Mr. Smith.

She has not been heard from since the events of that night.

Until she reappeared to assist in the rescue of Gwen. Elston-Richards was able to somehow keep the mold infection at bay and give Mallory control of its supernatural powers.



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