The Hunt

The Hounds of Heartside pt 2

Last Time on The Hunt

Father Andrews voice over: “Last time on the hunt”

[Interior of the Elston-Richards hangar]

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” Jordan shouts as he paces around the hanger. “I lost my gun on the freeway! They’re going to trace it right back to me! Fuck!”
Frank gets up from being injected with a dose of werewolf blood. “Calm the fuck down Jordan. You need to man up and deal with this shit like a fucking adult.”
“Calm down Frank. I would be freaking out too,” Gwen says calmly.
“Shut the fuck up Gwen no one asked you!” Frank shouts, his face turning bright red. He turns and storms out the door.
“Thats a side effect of too much werewolf blood,” the doctor explains. “It makes you overly aggressive. We try and limit the dosage for that reason.”

[Gwen’s voice over during an exterior shot of St. Bartholomew’s]

“We need to get our hands on some blessed weapons. V says he knows a guy that will help us out. He’s a preist down at St. Bartholomew’s downtown.”

[Inside Father Andrew’s office]

“Ahh yes V. He and I have collaborated on some projects in the past. I’d be happy to bless some weapons for you,” Father Andrews says with a smile.
“What do you want in exchange?” Frank asks suspiciously.

[Shot of the abandoned warehouse]

[Fight scene montage]

Jordan uses his vision to spot and call out the locations of the Barhgests as the rest of the cell blasts away at them.

As the team makes it inside of the warehouse, they see a single room with its light on. Inside the old converted supervisors office is a fully equipped nursery and a very happy baby sitting in a crib. The team takes the baby and escapes dropping Jordan off at the Varnum building and Frank and the baby off at the safehouse while Gwen goes for baby supplies.
When Gwen returns she finds the door broken open and Frank lying on the floor with cuts and bruises. “The baby,” he moans. “The vampires took the baby.”

Father Andrews’ voice over: “And now the Hunt continues.”

The Hounds of Heartside pt 1

Last Time on The Hunt

Connor Patterson’s voice over: “Last time on the Hunt.”

[Interior of the coffee shop]

“Yo dawg I really appreciate you lookin out for me and shit but I have to axe you a favor,” Rashaun says over his cup of coffee. “A few of my boys have gone missing or got demselves kilt over by dis old abandoned warehouse. Think you could look into it for me?”
“Yeah we can do that,” Frank assures him. “We’ve got your back.”
“Thanks man. Oh by the way. People be sayin they be seein these big ass dogs around there. Be careful.”
The team exchange worried glances. They make a mental note to stock up on silver.

[The team is driving around the abandoned warehouse area early in the morning.]

Frank spots some motion in a window on the second floor of a decrepit building across from the warehouse. “There!” he exclaims. “Stop the car lets check it out.”
The team walks into the old building. Broken glass crunch under their feet. Rotten mattresses lay pushed up against walls. Unable to find any tracks or signs of the creature, the team decides to check out the second floor. Still unable to find anything the team starts to leave frustrated.
“Uhh, guys?” Gwen says as she reaches the bottom of the stairs. Standing in the middle of the exit is a huge shaggy black dog growling at them. It barks twice but no sound comes out. Jordan feels a tingle where Elston-Richards implanted his ‘upgrade’. Turning on his new vision, he sees a half a dozen dogs standing in the room.
“Fuck!” Jordan shouts. “We gotta get the fuck out of here!”

[The team runs up stairs, throws a mattress out the window, and jumps out to land on it. Jordan twists his ankle but is able to run. The hounds give chase tearing at Frank’s shoulder. The team finally makes it into the car.]

“The fuck were those things?” Gwen asks trying to catch her breath while Frank and Jordan patch themselves up.
“We’ll find out later,” Jordan grunts. “Right now get us to the Varnham building.”

[The doctors of Elston-Richards patch up the team. Just as they’re finishing up, Connor walks in to the recovery room.]

“Glad to see you guys are feeling better. Your team has been doing quite well lately and I’ve just put forward your names for an upcoming assignment. Make sure you’re available the next few days,” Connor says almost cheerfully.

[Research montage!]

“Looks like they’re called Barhgests. They exist partially in the ghost realm and can only be harmed by blessed weapons while they’re there,” Gwen says while studying an occult webpage. Just then Franks TCGFP goes off.
“Frank, looks like that job came through. Be down here as soon as possible,” Connor says over the phone.

[Elston-Richards ready room. A map of Grand Rapids is displayed on the wall.]

“Here’s the plan,” Connor says. “You three will be transporting the mage you brought in the other day to the airport. You’ll have a lead car and a tail car protecting you. Here’s the route. Don’t let her wake up. Should be simple.”

[Action sequence of the car chase. Frank is tasing mages, Gwen doesn’t shut any doors, and Jordan drives like a boss.]

The team limps into the hangar bay of the private jet that is ready to depart. “You have three mages we were expecting one.”
Frank grins through the pain of his two gunshot wounds, “Thats just how we roll.”

Connor Patterson’s voice over: “And now the hunt continues.”

Larry is Missing
This time its personal

Last Time on The Hunt

Gwen’s voice over: Previously on the Hunt.

[Fade in from black to the recovery room the players woke up in]

“Ugh my head is killing me,” Gwen groans.
“It feels like I’ve been punched in the throat,” Jordan says in a raspy voice. Frank just sits there rubbing his eyes.

Voice over of the doctor: “part of what we do here is implant foreign biological material from supernatural beings into regular humans.”

[Shots of Frank and Gwen seeing auras and Jordan seeing a ghost]

[The team sits down in a meeting room across from a man with slightly graying hair]

“I’m Connor Patterson. I’ll be your handler here at Elston-Richards. Here are your company cell phones and manuals. Don’t lose them. Due to your unique skills and jobs, you will be a Dedicated Pickup Team. Any questions?”

“Where do I start?” Jordan asks.

[Cut to the team showing up at the Union house]

“We got your note,” Frank says. “Where is Larry?”

“Larry’s missing,” the Union boss replies.

[Shot of the Davis house]

Union boss voiceover: “His son went to investigate the old Davis place to impress his old man. When he went missing, Larry went after him.”

[Interior of the Davis house. Gwen pulling a torn up teddy bear from an old washing machine]

GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” an unearthly voice howls as a beer bottle hits Jordan square in the head.
“We’re here to help! We’re from the neighborhood watch!” Jordan protests.
“Get him out then. He’s here every night.”
“Who is? Who comes here?”

[A pale, well dressed man exits a nice car and walks up to the house while Frank and Gwen hide in the bushes. Closeup of Franks hair standing on end]

“Shit!” Frank mutters under his breath. “Thats a vampire.”

[The vampire leaves. The team rushes into the house to save Larry]

“Fuck this lock!” Jordan curses. Finally after many (many many) attempts, the team pops the lock and gets into the basement. They find Larry and his son Mark hung up in chains.

[The vampires car pulls back in front of the house]

“Hes back!” Gwen hisses. “Help me get mark out of here!”

[Fight scene at the top of the stairs. Jordan fires a useless bullet. Frank throws a stake at the walking corpse. Jordan jams the stake home as the vampire walks up to them menacingly]

Connor’s voice over: “good work. Check your bank account for your bonus.”

[Montage of the group unloading the vamp at the Varnham building.]

[Separate shots of the team in different locations taking the same phone call]

A friendly female voice says “Be ready for a pick up tonight.”

[The team arrives at the pickup location.]

“Jesus! What happened here?” Jordan asks as he surveys the carnage. An arm is lying 10 feet away from its former body. The body is lying in a huge pool of its own blood. Nearby an unconscious attractive young female lies on the ground with two tranquilizers in her side.

As the team loads up the the two bodies, the lead hunter says, “Don’t let her wake up.”

[The team returns to the loading area of the Varnham building]

As the girl and the corpse are being unloaded, Gwen chuckles and says, “Well that was the easiest $500 i’ve ever earned.”

[Frank and Jordan return to the hospital as their shift ends. Derrick, their supervisor approaches them.]

“Good night? Glad to hear it,” he says without waiting for an answer. “Someone dropped this off at the front desk while you were out.” Derrick hands Frank a sealed envelope.

Frank opens the envelope and inside is a single piece of paper. Typed in the dead center of the page are the words ‘Found You’. “You’ve got to be shitting me,” Frank says as he and Jordan exchange worried glances.

Gwen’s voiceover: “And now, The Hunt continues.”

The Mold Pt 2

Last Time on The Hunt

Frank’s voice over: Last time on The Hunt

Outside the school Frank and Jordan climb out of a small hole in the ground soaking wet and covered in mud. A fierce storm rages around them. The only light is from their maglights and the flashes of lightning. Frank and Jordan take off at a dead sprint towards their car as a ghostly white hand reaches out of the hole, pulling itself up.

[As the team runs past the side of the school, 5 mold people jump out of separate windows and start running towards them]

As the guys round the corner of the school they see muzzle flashes near their car. Every blast sends another mold person flying away from their car. Without hesitating, Frank slides across the hood of the car and yells at the new mysterious figure to get in.

[Shot of Frank peeling out of town leaving the mold people standing in the street]

“Holy shit! That was close,” Jordan said as he tried to catch his breath. “Who are you?”
“I’m Victoria,” the woman with the shotgun replied.
“You’re V?” Jordan asked incredulously. Victoria just smiles.

[Driving in the car Jordan on the phone]

“Shit! She’s not answering!” Jordan shouts.
“We gotta get there,” Frank says as he pushes the pedal to the floor.

[Frank Jordan and V sprint up a staircase and throw open the door to room 301]

“Oh thank god shes just passed out on vallium,” Frank says. Then he mutters “Fucking bitch” under his breath

[A series of emails come in. Close up on the one with the Polaroid picture.]

The guys exchange horrified looks as Elizabeth starts to sing you are my sunshine and shoves her hand down Mallory’s throat.

[Quick cut fight scene: Bear mace, shot to the head, Elizabeth standing on the bed holding Mallory in one hand]

Just then Gwen bursts through the door, points at the monstrosity holding Mallory and says, “V says thats Elizabeth!”
“Yeah we figured that out!” Frank shouts back
“They’re in our way!” Elizabeth shouts to herself. “Do it,” she says as she jumps out the third floor window holding onto Mallory.

[The team rushes to the window to see Elizabeth standing up and dragging Mallory off into the dark and stormy city.]

“Fuck! Get the car!” Frank shouts to Jordan as he rushes out the room.

[They drive around dark alleys and side streets looking for Elizabeth to no avail]

“I think I know where she’s going,” Jordan says. “White Cloud.”

[The team races to the outskirts of White Cloud and lies in wait along the side of the road. Eventually, Elizabeth is seen walking out of the darkness dragging Mallory behind her. As she passes in front of the team, Frank springs into action.]

Frank splashes Elizabeth with holy water. She screams and drops Mallory just as Jordan tackles her to the ground. Elizabeth kicks her self free and starts running for White Cloud letting out a disturbing, inhuman howl. Frank sprints after her and shouts for more holy water just as he tackles her by her ankles. As she struggles to break free, Gwen comes up from behind, holds open Elizabeth’s mouth, and pours holy water down her throat. Elizabeth crumples into a pile.

[Two humvees come roaring up the road guns blazing tearing the mold people running towards the team in half. A man gets out of a black sedan that followed the humvees.]

“Gentlemen! You’ve done well! Have I got a job offer for you!” The well dressed man says happily.
[The team is in an office looking over the contract as the well dressed man waits patiently]

“You’ll also need to sign these forms. They’re merely a medical release,” the man says as he smiles.

Mr. Smith’s voiceover: “We chip all of our agents and need to use a… mild local anesthetic.”

[View of the team receiving the shots and passing out on the exam tables]

Frank’s voice over: “And now, The Hunt continues.”

The Mold Pt 1

Last Time on The Hunt

Jordan’s voice over: “Last time on The Hunt”

Frank and Jordan are cleaning out the back of their bus after a long and brutal night. Larry Jeffries walks around the corner of the ambulance. “I’ve got something for you guys. I’d take care of it but I’m busy with union business right now,” he says pointing to a fresh cut above his eye. “Girl says her town is gone.”
“Don’t waste my time Larry,” Frank says skeptically.

[cut to Frank, Jordan, and a haggard looking Mallory sitting in a coffee shop]

Mallory hands Jordan her phone and says, “It all started about a month ago. My friend Jason disappeared and then started sending me these weird texts. And now,” she continued, “when I try and pull up our town of White Cloud, I can’t find anything. It’s like everything has been erased.”
“That’s it? All you have is that your town doesn’t show up on Google?” Frank said.
“Don’t worry, we’ll check it out,” Jordan assured her.

[Fly in shot of the abandoned town of White Cloud]
Jordan’s voice over: “Man what happened here?”

[Shot of the group cautiously entering the Hardware store]

[Shot of Jordan investigating the mold]

“The hell kind of mold is this?”

[Shot Frank finding the scratched out picture in Jason’s desk]

“Who scratches out pictures?”

[Mallory screaming]

The group rushes out guns drawn to help her.
“Something just ran out of the store!” she cried.
Frank and Jordan exchange concerned glances.

[Shot of the group entering the police station then going into the basement]

[Shot of 3 smiling faces approaching Frank and Jordan quietly from behind]

[Quick action shots of the struggle culminating in Frank blowing the brain stem out of one the mold people]

[Cut to inside the library]
“We have to figure out what the fuck we’re dealing with,” Frank says.
“And who. This is bigger than we thought,” Jordan replies as he swings his laptop around. The email from V is on the screen. “We should warn Larry.”

[Shot of Mallory curled up in a ball screaming and calling Frank. Jordan races towards the storage unit at top speed, lights and sirens blaring. Frank arrives and pulls the note off the door]

Frank shows Jordan the note saying, “I found this on the outside of our door.” Mallory leans over, reads the note, then promptly passes out from fright onto Frank. “God I hate this bitch,” Frank mutters.

[Imposing shot of the school with the chain still around the front door. Frank and Jordan stand in front of it looking up with Frank holding bolt cutters]

Jordan’s voice over: “V says there might be some answers in here

[Shots of Frank and Jordan exploring the school. Show the blackboard and Jordan taking a picture of it]

Frank and Jordan close in on the trap door in one of the classrooms. “You are my Sunshine” plays in the background. They exchange and uncertain glance and head down the long, dark flight of stairs. They reach the bottom, find the ornate door and push it open.
“What the hell is this place?” Frank says as he turns off the music.
Jordan approaches the book sitting on the lectern. He exams the crest on the cover and picks up the old tome. A piece of paper falls out of the back.

Frank’s voice over (flashback): “Elizabeth is the only one unaccounted for!”

[Close up of Elizabeth Hadwell’s birth certificate. Jordan flips the certificate over to reveal the words “We have been waiting! All hail the coming of the Entity! Rejoice!”]

Just as Jordan finishes reading the back of the birth certificate, there is a loud bang as something throws its entire weight into the doors. Frank and Jordan draw their guns as there is another loud bang on the doors.

…and now, The Hunt continues

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